|| Jeevan Sandhya Mangalya Sansthan ||
Matoshree Vruddhashram
Regd.No. MSM 417-96 GBBSB - F - 18335 (MUMBAI)

 Trust Board
Shri S.B.Goenka
Shri Nemidas K.Gala
Shri C.K.Patil
Shri Ashok Deorepatil
Shri Nitin Kothari
Shri Pushpat Jain
Shri V.G.Pawar
Smt Sushila H. Gala
Shri Hasmukh L. Gogri
Miss Chandrika Gala
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We are totally focused on their needs, and we work to realize their dreams as if they were our own. They are like my parents.
Nitin Kothari,
treasurer, JSMS.
Jeevan Sandhya Mangalya Sansthan :
Mission :     
               Our Mission is to help these old people, who are disowned by their family, to live remaining of their life with love, peace, respect and happiness in a comfortable, pollution-free and friendly enviorment to maintain their physical, psychological and spiritual aspects.
Basics :
               We repay our moral debt to society by serving these seniors and fulfilling their needs without distinction of cast, creed or sex.
Contact Information : 
www.jeevansandhya.org.in          info@jeevansandhya.org.in           +91-252-2695301
I thought I couldn't live so happily after my son making me homeless - But I was wrong. I got 12 sons and 80 sibling caring for me day and night. I am more happy now infact.
Madhu Khochre

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